Picnic Ride Terms and Conditions

Equine Learning will always aim to match riders with the most appropriate horse, follow our Health and Safety Policy and carry out risk assessments, but horse-riding still remains an activity where accidents can happen. YOU TAKE PART IN HORSE RIDING ACTIVITIES AT YOUR OWN RISK.

DISCLAIMER – I understand that there is an element of risk involved in horse-riding activities and Equine Learning will not be held liable for injury or accidents occurring during horse-riding sessions. By completing the picnic ride online booking form I agree to the above disclaimer and have read and agreed to the picnic ride terms and conditions.

Picnic Ride Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Your place on a picnic ride is only confirmed once we have received your booking form, verified your payment / wowcher / living social code, and we have sent you a confirmation email.

2. Although we always aim to offer participants the date they have requested this is not always possible. PLEASE LIST YOUR FIRST CHOICE OF DATES AND A SECOND RESERVE DATE ON THE BOOKING FORM.

3. If your children are participating in a ride please supervise your children at all times: the Equine Learning staff and volunteers will aim to ensure their safety, however you are responsible for your children at all times.

4. Please make sure all participants read these terms and conditions and the enclosed health and safety information prior to attending the ride.

5. Payments are non-refundable except in extreme circumstances (refunds strictly at our discretion).

6. Wowcher / Living Social payments are not refundable by Equine Learning CIC, you must contact Wowcher / Living Social with any issues regarding your wowcher.

7. Please make us aware of any specific dietary requirements. We cannot guarantee that the picnic provided will be free from products that have been in contact with nuts or other allergens.

8. Equine Learning will assess your level of riding and the pace of the ride will be set at the level we feel is appropriate for all riders. The picnic ride is not an advanced fast paced ride, please do not repeatedly ask to increase the speed of the ride, the ride leader will set the pace and all riders agree to adhere to the pace set by Equine Learning CIC. Anyone who does not respect this will be asked to dismount and leave the premises and the ride will end immediately.

9. We are very health and safety conscious and we run all of our horsemanship and other activities in the safest possible way. However, Equine Learning CIC will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained as a result of taking part in picnic ride activities. You and your family take part in horsemanship activities, abiding by the yard rules and understanding that there is an element of risk with horse riding activities. We ask that everyone takes responsibility for health and safety by being aware and sensible.

10. The picnic rides will run Tuesday to Saturday throughout May, June, July, September from the 15th May to 29th September. During August the rides will mostly run on Saturdays with very limited weekday availability, if you wish to come in August, please book early to avoid disappointment. There will be no availability on the following dates: 28th to 31st May 5th and 23rd to 27th July. 

11. Suitable clothing must be worn; we can provide safety helmets (at a charge of £3 per person) however you are welcome to bring your own riding hat that meets current safety standards. You must wear suitable riding footwear, preferably boots with a flat sole and a small flat heel. TRAINERS AND SANDALS ARE NOT SUITABLE, SHORTS, SKIRTS AND DRESSES ARE NOT SUITABLE. We reserve the right to refuse anyone wearing unsuitable clothes and / or footwear to participate.

12. Our weight limit for the rides is 14 stone. This for the wellbeing of our horses.