Equine Learning CIC Arrival, Departure and Visit Policy

Please read this policy carefully as it contains important information about your visit. It is important that you follow the procedures outlined below fully during your visit. We have a duty to keep all participants and our team here safe during this time.

1. When you arrive at Equine Learning please drive down to the stables and park by the barn. Please wait in your car until a member of staff comes to collect you. Please do not arrive really early as we only have limited parking.

2. Please do not come into the barn, walk with the EL member of staff, keeping a safe two meter distance round to the outdoor arena. There is a hand sanitiser dispenser on the gate post of the arena which you can use to clean hands before getting on or touching the horse.

3. Anyone accompanying you must wait in the car or sit on the benches by the arena if they are waiting to ride. If you are accompanying a child please stay with them until they are on the horse (if they need help) and then wait in the benches at the side of the arena.

4. You will be expected to mount the horse, adjust your stirrups and girth and dismount yourself. If you are accompanying someone or a child who needs help with this you will be expected to help them.

5. During your lesson / ride we will maintain a 2m distance all of the time. If you / your child has a face mask and are happy to wear one please bring them with you and wear them all of the time you are on site.

6. The toilets are closed except for emergency use and no children are allowed near the cabin unattended. If you do absolutely have to use a toilet they have to be cleaned down afterwards by the person using them (or a parent) after each use. There are cleaning products provided in each toilet.

7. We are asking people to use their own riding hats we are not lending equipment at the moment. Please ensure that you are wearing suitable riding footwear with a flat sole and a small flat heel. We will not check the safety standard of your hat, it is your responsibility to ensure it is a suitable fit and current standard. You can purchase a current standard riding hat from us from our online shop, we have a small number in stock or you can order one in advance to collect when you visit us. 

8. Please visit our participant registration page to read the relevant information and policies. Please fill in the participant form (one for each rider) and submit the forms - we will be unable to accept riders who have not completed this. This is for all existing clients and new clients. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to your visit.